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LED’s for Energy Efficiency is a great place to start

Changing older/ out dated lighting to new efficient LED is typically the best place to start.  At 7G Solutions we will help you identify key locations and areas to provide the best return for your budget. Working with local utilities and state agencies, we can assist you with identifying programs to help with your upgrade.

Low or High Bay

Regardless of your particular scenario, LED lighting will typical provide substantial energy savings, while improving the quality of light in the space. According to GlobeNewswire “These lighting solutions can improve concentration, safety, and efficiency in workplaces and educational environments.”

Control / DATA

Once Energy is considered, potential exists to look at operational benefits of Control and Data.  These measures can create outcomes far beyond simple energy savings.

RTLS (Real Time Location System)

Productivity in manufacturing, efficiency in logistics, safety in workplaces: all valid and important problems that can be solved by answering a fundamental question: “What is where?” Possibly automatically, and in real time.